Welcome to Släger, one of the leading Norwegian boutique public relations agencies.  Our client list consists of leading businesses and brands in Norway, the Nordic region and internationally. We create proven, long-term value for these businesses by increasing their visibility and clarity.  Our core deliverable is the systematic and professional fulfilment of our clients’ PR potential.

Släger was established in 2005 to challenge the existing major players in the PR industry. Our strategy has been to build an operational and effective PR team with international ambitions – and to let our results speak for themselves. Our current client list proves that we are a competitive option on both the Norwegian and Nordic levels. Our growth has almost exclusively come through recommendations of our services from existing clients and partners. For us, this is the strongest acknowledgement that we create value and ensure a return on investment for our clients.

We give you:

  • A team that ensures your business becomes more visible and distinct
  • Hands-on consultants who take responsibility for the entire process, from idea to execution
  • Proven results
  • The company of highly reputable businesses on our client list, both international and Norwegian
  • An agency that can handle public relations through the entire Nordic region, as we currently do for Netflix

At Släger, we follow defined principles for how we conduct our work and for what we can bring to your business. These principles have driven our development, and they provide a defined framework for how we deliver our services. Why are these principles important to you as a client? Because they tell you what to expect of us as an agency, and whether our culture fits your business:

  • We are a team of hands-on consultants, as opposed to just offering advice
  • We are uncompromising when it comes to our clients’ interests
  • We create and communicate relevant stories
  • We deliver systematic service and a long-term perspective
  • We emphasize relationships rather than transactions
  • We do not strive to be larger than is necessary to maintain a strong culture and a coordinated team
  • We're not always chasing "the next..." Our first clients should be the most satisfied
  • We want short-term contracts and long-term relationships

Our Services

Our core deliverable is providing services that realize our clients’ PR potential. We divide our services into two categories, visibility and clarity.

Visibility - overall management of your company's PR

Press Service

  • Systematic media relations
  • Development and distribution of press material
  • Tracking of opportunities in the media and media monitoring
  • Press events

Clarity - strategy and initiatives to make your organization's communications clearer and more consistent

Research, analysis and strategy

  • Reputation
  • Internal and external communication
  • Development of message platform
  • Message & media training
  • Crisis communications planning & management
  • Strategy and framework for implementation of Nordic & international PR

Nordic PR

More and more international companies are looking for a bundled solution for handling public relations in the Nordic region. This is where Släger has developed particular expertise and we are proud of our position as a viable and competitive alternative for clients looking for a unified and efficient PR solution in all the Nordic countries.

By building a network of several independent agencies, as opposed to setting up rigid, exclusive partnerships, we can specifically tailor our team composition and competencies to suit our client needs better than anyone else.  We have also developed a systematic and thorough framework for our role as coordinating agency, which enables us to deliver a very competitive packaged solution in the Nordic region.