How do you break bad electricity habits?

Campaign for Gudbrandsdal Energi 2022

The challenge

Gudbrandsdal Energi's goal is for everyone to use as little electricity as possible, at the lowest possible price. 

Electricity prices in Norway have risen steeply this year. Yet, that is not always enough to change Norwegians’ electricity habits.

We therefore wanted to find the scientific answer to why we don't just use less electricity. The answer quickly became clear: It's very difficult to reverse bad habits – whether it’s about energy use or anything else.

In collaboration with neuroscientist Ole Petter Hjelle, we invited six Norwegian influencers to talk about their bad habits and to help them find tools and solutions that reprogram the brain. The goal: To make smarter choices about everything from screen time to energy saving.

The result is an eight-episode mini-series where Dennis Poppe, Jannecke Weeden, Rikke Isaksen, Jakob Segai and Kelechi Erik Eribe reveal embarrassing and bad personal habits in their life. Ole Petter takes a scientific approach and applies his knowledge of Neuroscience to guide the participants towards more sustainable choices — for themselves and the planet.

The cast. From top left: Dennis Poppe, Ole Petter Hjelle (middle), Rikke isaksen, Jakob Segai og Kelechi Erik Eribe og Jannecke Weeden.

The result

The campaign ran on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tinder. The campaign has also got its own landing page (in Norwegian). The results have been huge, surpassing the benchmark with more than 30 million exposures and 19 million impressions.

154,000 people have clicked through to see more of the content at Gudbrandsdal Energi's website. And most importantly, the influx of new customers has been above normal for a reach campaign.