What Drives Us

Goals and results come first – in our culture, creating a measurable effect and value for our clients is an absolute priority.

Insight – original ideas and solutions require a study of relevant context. To ensure that we always seek new perspectives and angles, we have included inquisitiveness as part of our system.

Strategy – we acquire an in-depth understanding of client strategies to enable communication that will achieve the desired goals.

Creative productivity – original ideas are not developed randomly, but rather through systematic efforts. We work on ideas each day.

Collaboration – we lead communication processes from research to distribution. This does not mean that all the work is done at our own offices. If necessary, we integrate expertise from our collaborative partners in projects and deliveries.

Team culture – real teams work towards a shared goal, where there is no room for individual agendas. We cultivate the team, not superheroes.

International ambitions – we do not aim to be the biggest fish in the pond. Our goal is to compete in the international arena. We approach this goal through participation in the PROI network and collaboration with selected creative agencies in New York and London.