Award-winning employer branding for a high-tech consultancy company

Employer branding for Bouvet 2021


Bouvet employs more than 1,800 employees spread over 17 offices in 5 regions in Norway and Sweden, and a constant need to recruit specialists. These are highly sought after candidates, who have high demands and expectations when choosing a workplace.

By sharpening Bouvet's employer branding, we wanted to explore how we could highlight Bouvet's personality, vision and values ​​as a differentiating tool in a field of competitors where differences can be difficult to identify.


The solution was a tailored visual storytelling, a toolbox for recruitment, new platforms, performance marketing, and an innovative way to build internal pride. By nodding visually to historical periods that we in the Nordics know as times of critical social construction, we made a connection to Bouvet's work in modern times with the development of products and services that improve the lives of both people and businesses.

This became the background for a calm, credible and rooted visual expression combined with the message "We are the community builders of the future". This was the communication we needed to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, leaning on Bouvet's vision and values.

Although there are many competitors in the market, and many of the benefits we can offer are the same, we are still confident that we have something unique to offer our employees. We therefore made a "Carrot Index" where we allow potential applicants to evaluate and choose which of Bouvet's benefits and conditions are most interesting to them. We also wanted to simplify the application process and now allow candidates to leave contact information instead of CVs.

We also conceptualized an "Employees´ Yearly Report" that focuses exclusively on life in Bouvet, told by the people who work here. All employees each received a copy, and we also distribute to new employees and interested parties who meet us at various venues.


With a reach of 900,0000 views and 5.4 million impressions, the distribution results were beyond expectations and well above the benchmark. More than 20,000 visited our websites. And just through the Carrot Index we have received over 250 interested candidates. And most importantly – the campaign resulted in many hires, and is a talking point in the industry. During the Magnet Awards in 2022, the campaign was voted the year's third best in Norway.