No child should have to dread Halloween

Agendasetting for Nille X UNICEF Norge 2018

Too many children dread Halloween because they are not included in its celebration. This campaign put inclusive Halloween celebrations on the national agenda.


Halloween has become a national event that affects nearly every child. Children discuss Halloween in the schoolyard, and the planning of the celebration begins long before the day itself. This may be painful for those who are excluded. Nearly 7 out of 10 parents fear that their children will be excluded from social activities.

The idea

A campaign to raise awareness among adults of the importance of inclusion. Establishing simple ground rules for celebrating Halloween, similar to those for birthdays, aimed at parent groups in schools and kindergartens. Cooperation across commercial and community stakeholders.


Nille is the retail company with the highest sales related to Halloween. The retailer with an ambition to take social responsibility by promoting inclusion as a topic in preparation for Halloween celebrations.

UNICEF is the organisation that has placed the strongest emphasis on this issue in the media over time. Nille and UNICEF recognised the value of a collaboration to highlight this important issue. The solution became a joint campaign.

This campaign was developed with a minimal budget for paid distribution. The critical success factor was the organic spread of information through social media and editorial channels.


  • Two million views across social and editorial media

  • 64 per cent organic reach on social media

  • Extensive sharing by anti-bullying ombudsmen and parent working committees (FAU)   across Norway.

  • Unpaid sharing by a number of high-profile influencers

  • Unsolicited sharing by several major organisations and prominent societal actors