Magnet Awards Gold Medalist

Employer branding for Circle K 2020

Circle K won a Magnet Awards gold medal for its extensive communication programme in the main category “Best comprehensive employer branding of the year”.


Working at a petrol station is viewed as a low-status job, despite the demanding work, fast pace and numerous complex tasks that must be managed simultaneously. This is why the industry unfortunately has a high staff turnover and low volume of qualified applicants.


  • Reduce staff turnover by 10 per cent by increasing the number of qualified applicants

  • Promote pride and knowledge among employees at the petrol stations


In order to attract and retain the right candidates, we partnered with Circle K to develop a broad and innovative communication programme to reverse the recruitment trend. We utilised data and target group insight to reach the right applicants through what we called "Norway’s most honest job ad". At the same time, Circle K employees were mobilised as ambassadors for PR and marketing activities. The programme consisted of “Norway’s most honest job ad”, a summer campaign with videos produced by Circle K employees, and the podcast "Turistinformasjonen".


  • Winner of the “Norwegian Championship in Employer Branding” (Magnet Awards)

  • Staff turnover reduced by 9 per cent in 2020

  • Record number of applicants

  • 1.8 million views of the campaign video “Gap in the CV”

  • More than 500,000 views of employee-made videos

  • Turistinformasjonen one of the highest-ranked podcasts in its category